It's Christmas Jumper Day! Celebrate With 17 Of Our Favourite Festive Knits On Screen

By Grazia staff - 2 December 2014

Grazia staff

Today is Christmas Jumper Day, a fun excuse if ever we heard one, to wear your most Christmassy jumper in the name of fashion fun and good will. Started in 2012 by Save the Children, whose aim is to bring healthcare and the food children need to grow up healthy to more than 120 countries, taking part is as simple as donning your jumper (we know you have one hidden away somewhere!) and donating £1. Fashion with a conscious - who can argue with that!

Not just your nan's dream come true, Christmas jumper day signals a shift in attitudes to the patterned sweater. With the advent of cult Danish show The Killing’s Sarah Lund and her jumper, chintzy woollies have slowly been making a comeback over the past few years. Growing up, a knitted original from an elderly relative was the farthest thing from cool, but Lund’s hard edge and fuzzy jumper made a winning combo that we couldn’t resist.

Despite their former cringe-worthy status, in 2013 the brasher the jumper the better. We've been getting nostalgic for the likes of Home Alone's Kevin, the OC's Seth Cohen's attempts to launch Chrismukkah (remember the Santa hat kippahs?) and who can forget Colin Firth as Bridget Jones' Mr. Darcy in his incredible reindeer knit – a source of embarrassment in the movie, a source of inspiration for us now. 

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If you're lacking in the hand-knitted department, don't despair. On the catwalk menswear label Sibling and their womenswear equivalent SISTER by Sibling have been making a case for fabulous knits for years (their Autumn/Winter 2014 show featured the likes of Cara Delevingne in an OTT beret and flower crochet). This month the trio have collaborated with Topman on a capsule of fair isle wonders ramped up with their signature skull motif. If you’re still hunting for a present for the man in your life (that you can wear too, natch) search no further. For a chic alternative look to slogan knits a la Markus Lupfer (sequinned reindeer anyone?) or a winter's scene by Mary Katrantzou (

For inspiration on your own Christmas jumper look we’ve compiled a gallery of some of our fave festive knits in the best Christmas films and TV shows from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Viva la Christmas jumper!

By Katie Rose



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