Alexa Chung's Style Rules: She Explains The Formula Behind Her Signature Style

By Emma Spedding - 6 November 2014

Deputy Digital Editor

Alexa Chung's Style Rules: She Explains The Formula Behind Her Signature Style

Alexa Chung is the style icon who's spawned a thousand imitators. Since landing the gig of presenting T4's Popworld back in 2006 there's barely been a week when the fashion queen hasn't topped a best-dressed list (or three). In the latest issue of Grazia, our Big Fashion Issue in fact, we speak to Alexa about turning 30, work insecurities and how strange it is to see someone steal her style. Pick up your issue now to read the interview by Francesca Babb in full, but in the meantime, you can browse all our Alexa Chung Week content on Grazia Daily, from a fashion timeline and friendship map to her hairvolution and style rules...

Alexa Chung's signature style could be the most copied look on the planet. The breton tee, the chelsea boot and the duffel coat all had a comeback thanks to this well-turned out lady. You might think you understand her winning style formula, but where does Alexa find her inspiration? Well we have studied her book It, and pulled out her top 10 style tips for being a Chung. Plus pick up this week's issue of Grazia to find out Alexa's style tips for this season, from what nail varnish we should be buying to a Rihanna styling trick she is enjoying this season...

1. 'Nobody ever made high-waisted trousers and a tie look as good as Annie Hall. Her femininity, mixed with tomboyish silhouettes and scruffy thrown-together looks, is something I still reference heavily now'

2. 'My relationship with my denim hot pants is incredibly special'

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3. 'A navy blue jumper is potentially the most boring item anyone could design and yet it's my most important possession'

4. 'Dungarees- it's fine that only toddlers and me like those'

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5. 'Looking effortless takes a lot of effort. When I get new Converse I dedicate some time at home to shoving mud on them so they don’t look squeaky clean.'

6. 'Thank you, Jane Birkin, for providing me with infinite outfit ideas and the confidence to dress like a boy but act like a girl.'

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7. 'Wednesday Addams was probably the first character I saw to wear the Peter Pan collar. Match that with pigtails and gothy pale skin and she's pretty much my favourite style icon'

8. 'I think I was interested in ponies and all the relevant paraphernalia because of the fashion as much as the animals. That silhouette of skinny trousers, ankle boots and an oversized sweatshirt is one I never managed to get away from'

9. 'Practicality is high on my list... I'll always prefer a girl in an oversized t-shirt as oppsed to an undersized boob tube but that's because I'm a girl, or a tomboy, and not a boy'

10. 'Most of the things I wear today are a throwback to items I owned as a child, minus the multi-coloured harem trousers. You know what you like, so follow your gut'

See Alexa's greatest style hits in the gallery above...

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