'I've Made £20,000 From Rinsing Men' - Grazia Meets The Women Behind Sex, Lies & Rinsing Guys

By Morwenna Ferrier - 14 November 2014

Features Editor

Psychology student and professional ‘rinser’, Holly Henderson

AHEAD of a new tv series following her exploits in Harvey Nichols, in this week’s issue of Grazia we tracked down psychology student and professional ‘rinser’, Holly Henderson.

Holly, 33 (and charm itself, we should add), is part of a new culture of ‘rinsers’ - women who strike up friendships with wealthy men in order to procure couture. They befriend these men, who then gift them whatever they ask for, be it Jimmy Choo or Stella, then - staggeringly - expect nothing in return except a little online friendship. It’s gold-digging 2.0, if you will, except that these women are deploying social media to find and communicate with these men.

Unnerving, worrying and shocking, yes. So in light of the public’s reaction - which included death threats and Holly having to take her children out of school - we ask Ms Henderson precisely what motivates her to professionally ‘gold-dig’ and whether it’s worth the repercussions…


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